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Tyto Alba exists to alleviate the financial burdens of managing a business, allowing clients to focus on ensuring their business thrives. We provide accounting, bookkeeping, and controller services with a commitment to making clients feel confident and a step ahead of their competitors.
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With over twenty-five years of working in corporate finance and accounting, managing accounting teams, and serving in leadership roles, our team brings a great deal of expertise and care to our work with clients.
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CFO & controller

Krissy, the Consulting Controller and CEO of Tyto Alba, has thirty years of experience in corporate finance and accounting. Her expertise spans across all industries, and she is known for her trustworthy, efficient, and grounded approach. Apart from her professional duties, Krissy is also an avid yoga enthusiast, traveler, and a powerlifter.

accounting manager

Melissa, the Accounting Manager at Tyto Alba, brings over twenty-five years of accounting experience from a variety of industries. With a CRCR certification in Revenue Cycle Management, Melissa excels in data analysis, process development, and re-organization. Outside of work, she is a passionate artist and spends her time cycling, practicing yoga, and creating beautiful pieces of art and jewelry.


Jessica, a Bookkeeper and Client Consultant with Tyto Alba, has twenty years of executive administrative experience spanning from marketing and production management to retail industry accounting and bookkeeping. She holds a dual emphasis Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Studio Art. Jessica is dedicated to bringing a positive and engaging customer experience while educating clients in the world of numbers. She is also a proud parent and part-time student of permaculture, food systems, and environmental justice​.


With over a decade of experience supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs, Molly excels in providing administrative and financial clarity. She transforms complex financial data into actionable insights, empowering businesses to grow. Molly’s commitment to building trust and genuine connections drives her work, ensuring she understands the unique heartbeat of each client’s business. Outside of work, she enjoys karaoke, outdoor adventures with her dog, and perfecting her baking skills, bringing her vibrant energy to all she does.


Indigo, another Bookkeeper and Client Consultant at Tyto Alba, has a diverse background that includes real estate, marketing, sales, management, and entrepreneurship. He has been with Tyto Alba for 3 years, helping clients organize business expenses and keep track of their monthly financial performance. In his free time, Indigo enjoys traveling, dining at new restaurants, and pursuing various hobbies while staying physically active.

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